– The Honourable Bryon Wilfert, P.C., ICD, D

“I have known Ivy for many years as a hard-working professional, entrepreneur, and Community oriented person who has demonstrated a passion for Markham. She is a good listener, strong work ethic who would make an important contribution to word 4.” The Honourable Bryon Wilfert, P.C., ICD, D (Former President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities: 1996 – 1997 / Former Member of Parliament:  1997 –…

– Dr. Alvin Curling O.Ont

“Ivy Lee is an individual of great drive and compassion, one who is committed to the community. Over the years that I have known her she has demonstrated a keen sense of good business ethics. I do endorse her and am confident that she will be an effective councillor for the City of MARKHAM.” Dr. Alvin Curling O.Ont Former Speaker of the Ontario Legislature

– Matey Nedkov De Lacamp, President and Chairman of International Corporate Expansion

“Ivy Lee is a hard working person with a great deal of integrity. I have worked with her on 2 Boards for which she has been a pillar of strength. . Should Ivy be voted as a Markham councillor she will go beyond her duties and will be a great asset to the city.”   Matey Nedkov De Lacamp President and Chairman of International Corporate…

– Farchad Gadjyev

“I hope to see Ivy Lee elected to take care of Markham ward 4. From the time I’ve met Ivy Lee prior to opening my fitness club in Markham (THE MARKHAM GYM) she has helped me resolve issues, build relationships and progress. Ivy Lee never disappointed me, she always has good intentions, she is a friend indeed. I support Ivy Lee.” – Farchad Gadjyev

– Cheng Zeng, President, East China Jiaotong University North America Alumni Association; Executive President, Canada-China Economic Trade & Culture Exchange Promotion Alliance

To residents of Markham Ward 4: I am very pleased to support Ivy Lee’s candidacy to be the city of Markham Councilor for Ward 4. Ivy is tremendously passionate about bringing communities together and creating community business jobs, and has devoted a significant amount of time and effort working in the community. Ivy C.A.R.E.S. for her community and takes action to get results consistently.  Her leadership, integrity…

– Bang Gu Jiang 

Ivy Lee has been a community advocate for, decades. Her vision and creative approach to problem solving are simply  astonishing. If elected, Ivy will be your councillor who gets things done! Ivy Lee 是一位有社区服务经验,有公众服务精神,敢想能干的人!我相信她一定会是一名称职的市议员,请投她一票!! – Bang Gu Jiang

– Raymond Tam, Former President of Centre for Information and Community Services & Canadian Sinfonietta Chamber Orchestra

“I have known Ivy Lee for more than 20 years. She is an energetic and passionate business woman who strives for community advancement. In the past 15 years Ivy has organized large-scale Global Chinese financial forums for Vancouver NAI Corporation, the International Confucius Cultural Festival, and the Canadian North Star Canada National Day Event to name a few. Ivy’s Malaysian background has empowered her to have a deep…

– 譚北鸿,【前華资處會會長】和【加拿大小交响乐团】會長

“我認識李信杏Ivy Lee 二十多年,她為人熱衷社區和充满正能量,及活力充沛做事有恆的傳媒人。 她曾和跨省企業機构協辦过大型的國際金融博覧會,國際孔子文化節和加拿大北美之星耀國慶節日等。 她有馬來西多元文化的背景。以致她对加拿大社會各階層需要与深切認識,她又对主流文化兼容並蓄多年资深的體認,且對新移民有深厚的瞭解,並曾提供許多的幫助。 我堅信她定为社區爭取權益,敢于发言,如果她當選,她將會是一位負責任的萬锦市市議員代表,他有能力把市民需求的聲音帶到市議會。” 推薦人譚北鸿【前華资處會會長】和【加拿大小交响乐团】會長