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Markham Regional Councillor


Dear Markham Residents and Business Owners,

I’ve lived and worked in Markham since 1987, raising my family and establishing my successful businesses here. When I first come to Canada, the Government gave me opportunities to study, have a career, and achieve in ways that I never thought possible. In appreciation, I’ve  contributed continually to my community.

People from many walks of life have asked me to be their voice in local government. I humbly accept the honour of running for election to represent the people of Markham and York Region. I believe that communication, integrity, accountability, and transparency are my key strengths. I will stand up for your well-being and communicate clearly and effectively on your behalf.

Markham is responsible for $533.7 million of your tax dollars. I will be vigilant, to ensure that your money is used prudently and effectively.

More than ever, Markham and York Region need dependable and decisive leadership, in order for everyone to thrive.


Please support my C.A.R.E.S. Campaign:

Community Safety

Affordable housing

Responsible Development

Ensure Traffic Flow and Safety

Support Seniors and Youth


Together, let’s make Markham/York Region better.

Ivy C.A.R.E.S. for her community and takes effective action consistently, not just during election times.

Ivy has distinguished herself by being one of the few women candidates in five consecutive Markham elections, for both City Council and Regional Council. She has received a high percentage of votes, resulting from her passion in listening to and supporting the viewpoints of people in Markham, including the most vulnerable among us, and for bringing communities together. Her many conversations have deepened her understanding of and commitment to voicing people’s concerns and needs within government. To accomplish the community’s priorities, Ivy developed her C.A.R.E.S. Campaign.


Throughout her three decades of community involvement, supporting individual residents, businesses, multicultural communities, and charitable and municipal organizations, Ivy has demonstrated effective leadership, integrity, and dedication.



Ivy Lee was born in Malaysia and immigrated to Singapore in 1964 to work in the dressmaking industry. Within a remarkable sixteen years she surpassed traditional expectations and achieved success as a teacher at her own Dress Making Institute.

In pursuit of educational and career opportunities abroad, Ivy immigrated to Canada in 1979. She studied at the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in 1984, graduating in 1986. The following year, she opened a Professional Therapeutic Massage Clinic providing services for pain management.

Living in Markham since 1987, Ivy has made many contributions to the betterment of her community, through her business ventures and volunteer contributions:

    • 1993: Launched Modesty, an international airline’s designated magazine; longest-surviving publication of a Chinese magazine in Canada.
    • 2001-2006: Nominated by Markham City Council to join the town’s Canada Day Committee, involved in planning and organizing the festivities. Honored in 2010 for this work, with a Certificate of Appreciation from the Town of Markham, presented by the Mayor.
    • 2005: Elected Chairperson of the World Association of Chinese Mass Media; organized many professional media conferences in Canada and worldwide.
    • 2006: Co-founded the Malaysian Association of Canada and energetically fostered community and government relations initiatives. Sponsored a variety of multicultural communities and charitable organizations. Received the Outstanding Asian Canadian Community Award from the Asian Canadian Multicultural Council of Ontario.
    • 2006 and 2010: Municipal election campaigns: candidate for Councillor, Ward 8, City of Markham.
    • 2007: By invitation, became a member of the Canadian Cancer Society’s Chinese Advisory Committee Council, raising awareness and educating the public.
    • 2008-2012: Director, treasurer, public relations and events manager of the Trade and Investment Services Alliance Network; her contributions—organizing events and seminars to bring the Canadian government and local businesses together—were recognized by the Network, with an award in 2009.
    • 2011: Co-founder, secretary, and vice-president of Education International for the Poor; raised funds for disaster-prone areas, and donated money for school supplies to people in Haiti and China.
      Served as vice-president of publication for the York Region Parent Association.
    • 2014: York Region election campaign: candidate for Markham Regional Councillor.
    • 2015: Motel manager, Niagara Falls; within six months, expanded the business from $4,000 to $80,000 per month.
    • 2016: Began promoting investment in Markham businesses and co-operative ventures between the City of Markham and the Chinese government and business sector, on facilitating Markham’s involvement in the Fuzhou High Tech Conference.
      For the organization Seniors for Seniors Toronto, provided companionship and assistance with physical exercise, reading, and writing to seniors in York Region.
      For Yee Hong Geriatric Care, provided pain management services.
    • 2017:  Trade ventures with Chinese government and business delegations, including public relations for City of Markham, promoting technology services.
      Invited by Hong Kong Trade Development Council to attend One Belt and One Road Summit; played significant role in expanding Markham-based company into China.
    • 2018: Municipal election campaign: candidate for Councillor, Ward 4, City of Markham.
    • 2019: Assisted a legal firm with its criminal cases, providing client services at court, including translation and counselling on family relations issues and crisis management.
    • 2020:  COVID
    • 2021: Co-founded the Global Confederation of Chinese Business Women, Toronto Region Chapter.
    • 2022: By invitation, became President of Chinese Traditional Culture and Art Association of Canada.
      Assisted a friend to establish a retail business.
      York Region election campaign: candidate for Markham Regional Councillor.